Sleep clinic

Do you suffer from sleep depravation, commonly called sleep apnea? If so, our experienced team of inhalotherapists will be able to guide you on your choice of CPAP, AUTO-CPAP, BIPAP equipment, masks and parts as well as an outstanding support and after-sale service. At our clinic, you can purchase the different RESMED or RESPIRONICS equipment and their accessories. Our team offers a personalized service at the clinic as well as at home in various cities of the region.

Health profile:

People suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) stop breathing at numerous times during their sleep because their respiratory passages collapse. This collapse can be due to the size of the tongue, supplementary tissues in the respiratory passages or weaker muscles engaged in maintaining the respiratory passages open, thus preventing the air to reach the lungs. Such sleep interruption can have harmful effects on both physical and psychological health.

If you recognize one or several of the following symptoms, it is recommended to consult a doctor to verify if you suffer from OSA.

• Headaches;
• Non-restorative sleep;
• Memory impairment;
• Exhaustion;
• Trouble in libido;
• Irritability;
• Difficulty in concentration;
• Snoring;
• Restless sleep;
• Night sweats;
• Awakening with light-headedness;
• Breathing problems noticed by your entourage;
• Getting up regularly to urinate at night;

Thinking of a sleep apnea screening test? Avoid waiting for several months by performing a diagnostic test detecting the presence of sleep apnea.

Offered at la Clinique Médicale de l’Or et des Bois :
• One-night at-home screening test;
• Results interpreted by a pulmonologist in Val-d’Or;
• Fast results;
• Cost reimbursable by private insurance plans;
• Teaching and investigation team consisting of respiratory therapists.

A medical prescription is obligatory.

For more details please communicate with us at (819) 825-2945 or toll-free at (877) 825-2945. To purchase equipment, please consult our sales and rentals page.